Medical Yoga Center
Aerial Yoga - Medical Yoga - Meditation - Acrobatic - Physiotherapy
In the direct neighborhood of the Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg Florian Hockenholz and Team offers you a place for aerial yoga, medical yoga, meditation, acrobatics, massage & physiotherapy.
smaller summer shedule till August 18th
more about us:
In unserem Zentrum für Aerial Yoga, Yogatherapie und Physiotherapie von Florian Hockenholz bieten wir Ihnen modernes und gesundheitsorientiertes Yoga. Unser Fokus ist es, Menschen dabei zu unterstützen, gesund zu bleiben - bei gesundheitlichen Problemen und Einschränkungen helfen Ihnen unsere Physiotherapeuten und Yogalehrer jederzeit.
In our center for aerial yoga, yoga therapy and physiotherapy by Florian Hockenholz we offer modern and health-oriented yoga. Our focus is to help people stay healthy - in case of health problems and illnesses our physiotherapists and yoga teachers will help you at any time.
Florian Hockenholz
Physiotherapeut, Osteopath,Yogalehrer & Yogatherapeut
Seit über 25 Jahren ist es mein Ziel Menschen in einem gesunden Lebensstil zu unterstützen. Im "Medical Yoga Center" kombiniere ich meine Wissen aus über 25 Jahren therapeutischer Erfahrung. Mit Bewegung, Entspannung, Ernährung und Spaß helfe ich auch Ihnen ihre persönlichen Ziele zu erreichen. Weitere Informationen:
For over 25 years it has been my goal to support people in a healthy lifestyle. In the "Medical Yoga Center" I combine my knowledge from over 25 years of therapeutic experience. With movement, relaxation, nutrition and fun I will also help you to achieve your personal goals. Further Information:
Description of our classes
Aerial Yoga - Basic
perfect for beginner
Learn the basic asanas of Aerial Yoga and practice them before moving on to other classes.
Also recommended for participants with back problems.
Rücken Fit Yoga
perfect for beginner
Class for all participants who want to do something healthy for their back. Sometimes the aerials are used as well.
Good class also for beginners.
Basic Yoga
perfect for beginner
Class for those who have already taken an Aerial basis class and have a desire for acrobatics.
Recommended for people with a good level of fitness.
Massage Class
Learn the basics of back, neck and sportmassage. You can take part as a couple and as a single.
For people who like to give and receive massages.
Tantric Chakra Yoga & Meditation
A class with Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation. Get in touch with the world of tantra and energy.
Recommended for all with interests in tantra and holistic sexuality.
Aerial Yoga - intermediate
fit beginners and advanced
A class with more yoga and less acobatic asanas. A good training fert aerial technique and strength.
Recommended for people with a good level of fitness.
Aerial Yoga - Full Body Strength Trainining
fit beginners and advanced
Full Body Strength training. Get the power you need for your advanced acrobatic and aerial classes.
Recommended for people with a good level of fitness.
Aerial Yoga - acrobatic class
fit beginners and advanced
A class with lots of acobatic asanas - up in the Hammock, inversions, ... . Better visit one or two basic classes before.
Recommended for people with a good level of fitness.
Frequently asked questions
Physiotherapy and Massage paid by insurances? Physiotherapie und Massage über Kassen- oder Privatrezept?
We only work with private insurances ant nor with the public ones (AOK, Techniker, ...) Wir haben keine Kassenzulassung mehr. Rezepte gesetzlicher Versicherungen können wir daher nicht annhemen - private Versicherungen sind kein Problem.
How can i book classes? Wie kann ich Klassen buchen?
Book your classes at this website - USC Members can book the classes directly in the USC App Buchen Sie ihre Klassen über diese Webseite - USC Mitglieder können direkt in der USC App buchen.
Do i need an own mat? Brauche ich eine eigene Yogamatte?
No, we have everything you need for yoga. At the moment mats are free. Nein, wir haben Matten hier. Im Moment sind diese auch noch kostenlos.
I am an absolute beginner - is that a problem? Ich habe noch nie Yoga gemacht. Ist dies ein Problem?